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What is a pergola?

Pergula in Italian – extension or canopy. Pergolas with electric drive are installed to create a shaded area for rest. The functions of the modern solar protection system have been expanded – they are used to equip summer playgrounds in restaurants and cafes, near the terraces and gardens.

Nowadays, pergolas have little resemblance to those created several centuries ago – awnings are usually made of aluminum alloys or pressed wood and polyester. Models are functional and easy to install, especially comfortable pergolas with electric drive.

You do not have to adjust the height of the building and the inclination of the walls every time. There are models with wind sensors – if there are strong gusts that can destroy the lightweight structure, the pergola is automatically minimized. You can set up a sun sensor so that the awning can be rolled back and forth at sunset and dawn.

example of a sliding pergola